I’m not the strict or linear type, so when things don’t go as planned I am A-ok! My travel style can be very flexible and “in the moment”, and I think it’s essential when you’re in unfamiliar places. What’s the point of getting out there if you aren’t open to something new or get hung up on a dumb inconvenience?

Which is probably why when I realized that my original plan for the Back in Time Zone Tour wasn’t going to fully work that I wasn’t upset about it. Life’s circumstances meant looking for that proverbial “door” that was supposed to be opening.

I can’t complain because I’ve been able to see a lot of East Coast history spots and even have an Arizona blurb from a very convenient lunch break, but my trip down South and to New England will have to wait for another day. It was ambitious and for a good stretch of time there I thought I was totally going to see it all, but my history quest is about appreciation and if I can’t do it right then I’ll shelve it for another time…and look for other places relevant to where I’ll be.

Since I’ve made travel such a big priority, thinking of my experiences as a reference for the other parts of my life has helped me balance whatever gets thrown my way. Setbacks aren’t a bad thing, and me being the optimistic adventure seeker means I’m going to try something new.

So what does it all mean? The Back in Time Zone Tour inspired me. I love learning about the past and think the stars have aligned for an amazing opportunity abroad. I’m going to wrap up this year’s edition of EST entries and look forward to a few months in Europe.

🙂 Secret is out! I leave next week.

The outline is very rough, but I’m looking forward to filling in those lines with colorful experiences and wonderful stories. This isn’t a vacation, and will be a longer period away from home in which I will try and experience a different way of living, see places much older than the United States, and all the cultural things that will make the undergrad Anthropology student version of me BURST with excitement. I don’t know what will happen, but I’m tickled by the prospect of the unknown. I’ll start in Rome (Herculaneum and Ostia Antica sound cooler than Pompeii!) and hope my fluency in Spanish will mean Italian is easy to pick up.

If we’re products of our environment, than doesn’t it make sense that I want to surround myself with a bunch of old things EVERYWHERE?! Is that not the point of this writing project? To immerse yourself in history and understand context, to appreciate what’s in the past and to think of it in the present day and future? Is that a metaphor? Bueller? Bueller? Anyway, my adventures in history will continue wherever I go and I hope you tune in to check it out.

Some of you know I’m an athlete and play roller derby…so I’m bringing my skates along for the ride and hope to meet up with local leagues while soaking up international derby love. It’s a wonderful sport and elaborating on why it’s so amazing will take up a bajillion entries. I’m bummed to leave my league for a bit, but know seeing them all again will make being home so much sweeter. (Shout out to my team mate Doki Dara who is also on a global trek!)

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite songs from high school by Minus the Bear, because I’ve always found the lyrics delightful and it’s relevant. This line in particular: Hey, let’s cross the sea, And get some culture”. HA!

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