Time Zone Tour: A History Makin’ Road Trip…and Seeing it Too!


Ambitious? Yes. Kinda nutty? Maybe.

North America’s highways and iconic Route 66 make travel throughout the country a breeze, and what better way to capture the essence of the USA than through it’s most popular way to get around?

Road tripping and summer go together like a cold glass of lemonade and a porch swing. Throw in some AMERICA and you’ve got a national past time and idea strongly rooted in our national culture. For many Americans growing up, summer meant packing into your family’s van and taking off to a new spot for a vacation. For the more ambitious it meant driving cross country, and for the dedicated RV crowd it’s a way of life.

This summer we’ll be doing our best to see major east coast destinations and the historic spots worth a visit if you’re hitting up any of these major vacation destinations. We’re calling it the “Back in Time Zone Tour: EST” and you’re invited to ride along! As time goes on, we’ll be collecting other spots across the country and giving them their own “Back in Time Zone” honor.

Summer 2015 EST List:
Toronto, Canada
Boston/Lexington, Massachusetts
New York City, New York
Philadelphia, Pennslyvania
Williamsburg, Virginia
Asheville, North Carolina

The wind may take OAP away from it’s intended path, but that doesn’t mean history won’t be there!

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