The Perks of Not Crossing an Ocean: Local Travel is Awesome!

I tend to look overseas when I create my travel itineraries, so my Back in Time Zone Tour is becoming a fantastic reminder that you don’t have to go far to experience the thrill of a new place. My road trip is about to pick up, and I’m really glad that I have a car to get me around and enthusiastic driving buddies! The added bonus of cell service and not being restricted by public transportation is allowing for adding historic sites I wouldn’t have been able to access otherwise, and I’ve added some smaller cities to my agenda. I’m really excited to be embarking on the Southern US portion of my trip and have selected a variety of places that I hope explores different types of American history. With that, the EST zone tour is taking a slight detour and heading into CT territory. I’ve added Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, New Orleans, and Texas to my trip, and am excited to see an area that’s very, VERY different than what I know. I’m a Northern NJ girl that’s only been to Miami…and I never thought I’d be exploring the entire state of Alabama. Buckle up and bring on the biscuits and gravy!

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