Open Air Museums

Let’s make Open Air Museums the next big thing.

I want to see as many OAM/living history/still standing landmarks as my budget allows. Cld buildings with a lot of life in them. I’ve always been fascinated by them, and lamented the small signs next to old buildings that are snuggled between modern day ones. You always catch a glimpse when you drive by, but never give them much thought.

They’re museums without walls, and the immersion is what makes them so special. I love spending a day in a museum, but there is nothing quite like standing in the same doorways and imagining how people from another time period were once standing where you are in that very moment…guaranteed chills. What better way to experience history than to FEEL it?

Anyway. Besides my love for these special places and road side afterthoughts that only get a small plaque saying “George Washington slept here”, I play roller derby, travel my ass off, and do not run marathons.

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