The Museum of Ice Cream

If you call it a museum I’m probably going to check it out…and what kind of person would I be if I said no to ice cream?

NYC’s confectionary pop-up art exhibit was essentially built for Instagram pics and is fully interactive. You can eat almost everything that’s not artwork, including multiple servings of ice cream, but the real fun is in all the things you can do.

Your taste buds are catered to with some chocolate to munch on as soon as you arrive to wait in line, and once inside you are immediately given a scoop from one of the many NYC ice cream shops involved. Then it’s up to you how you enjoy the assorted art installations, but for good measure there’s lots of sweets sprinkled (see what I did there) to eat along the way.

There’s an edible, helium filled balloon made of sugar to make your voice squeak, and later on you’ll encounter a tab of the famed miracle berry that temporarily changes your taste buds. Wander around while it dissolves before picking up a cone topped with a slice of lemon and discover that lemon tastes just like lemonade. (You can do this for yourself at home! I suggest sitting in front of your fridge and tasting condiments. It’s nutty!)

There’s a gross looking “world’s largest collaborative sundae” activity in which you scoop some “ice cream” into a sundae dish, and beyond that there’s a giant ice cream scoop see-saw and a ice cream sandwich swing in a room sponsored by Tinder.

The main attraction sprinkle pool that you might have already seen on your news feeds. Free up the phone space because you’ll be snapping a million selfies in the sea of colorful tiny plastic pieces…and you’ll be finding them in your clothing for the rest of the day. It’s hard to not crack a smile in this room!


In a fitting end to summer, the exhibit closes in NYC soon and will head off to LA…and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of this kind of pop-up “museum” experience. The MOIC was carefully calculated and sponsor heavy, and I wonder if actual museums will take a cue from the way visitors interact with the stuff presented. They really do know their audience but more importantly hit on that nostalgia nerve. Longing for the lazy summer days of childhood never go out of style, and the MOIC hits all of the sweet spots.


3 thoughts on “The Museum of Ice Cream

  1. Pop-up museums are such a good idea and this one is a great topic! I especially like your pictures–ice cream cone light fixtures? Yes please! 😊

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